Rick Grimes Is “Brutal” In The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 12 — “A Very Dangerous Man”
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The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes Is “Brutal” In The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 12 — “A Very Dangerous Man”

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wanted to exterminate all the Termites before leaving Terminus in The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere, "No Sanctuary." No one had his back on that call, but it illustrated the change in Rick from the we-can-make-it-work farmer of the first half of Season 4 to the guy who bit Joe in the neck in the Season 4 finale.

“He's the most complete warrior, the most decisive, uncompromising leader that he's ever been,” Andrew Lincoln told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't think he's at all struggling with moral ambiguities. He's a man that his sole mission is to keep his family alive. Of he sees any threat — and these ‘Termites’ have proved themselves to be incredibly formidable and frightening — the way Rick sees it is it's not over, it's these people do not deserve to live. The decision has been made.”

And yet the decision was made to let them live, although the group may regret that. The Comic-Con trailer showed Rick butting heads with Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), and showrunner Scott Gimple said the “complicated” dynamic between Rick and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) from Season 4 will be explored next week in Episode 2. So we may see more of Rick as an uncompromising leader.

Whatever happens next, Andy warned THR that Rick is not going to mellow as the season progresses. THR asked what has surprised him most about Rick so far this season, and Andy said, “We're on Episode 12 of 16 and he's brutal. I wouldn't want to meet this guy meet on a dark night and cross him. He's a very dangerous man.” Whew! Andy recently shaved his beard due to mysterious circumstances he would not explain (comic book fans have an idea) but beardless Rick is apparently just as brutal as hairy Rick.

Speaking of brutal, beardless Rick, though, Andy joked that he’s always maintained that Rick will have to take a bath or shower before he contemplates any relationships. But if Rick was able to shave in the second half, he’s probably showered. So maybe he’s ready for that relationship, whether it’s with someone we know (hint, hint, Katana Queen) or someone from the comics.

Are you ready to see even more of Rck’s dark side later in Season 5?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter