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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Manzo’d With Children Sneak Peek: Caroline Takes Fireball Shots! (VIDEO) — Exclusive!

We hope you're ready to get your party on, because things are gonna get crazy on this Sunday's episode of Manzo'd With Children, airing at a special 10 p.m. ET slot on Bravo.

In this Wetpaint Entertainment exclusive sneak peak of the October 26 episode, Caroline and the fam are down in Texas for a family trip, and things get smokin' when Caroline takes a shot of Fireball whiskey. This is one fun mama!

Before the booze, the Manzos receive some Texas tips from a friendly waitress, who tells them that if they want to fit in, they should wear their hair bigger and be real friendly. Y'all ain't in Jersey anymore!

Then comes the booze. The friendly waitress decides to fix them up with some Fireball. At first Caroline protests that she doesn't want too much, but when her kids make fun of her — "you're out of the game!" — and get a chant going, she eventually downs a shot.

Of course, even that's not enough to satisfy her kids, who decide to show her how to

take a shot like a pro.

Does Caroline get it right on her second try? Check out the sneak peek yourself to find out!