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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 7: 10 Burning Questions — Where Is Jo’s Magic?

Another Vampire Diaries episode, another boatload of burning question we want answered. Season 6, Episode 7 (“Do You Remember The First Time?”) saw Elena fighting to get her memories back, Caroline fighting to get her mother back, and Bonnie fighting to get herself back to the land of the living. Only one of those missions were accomplished, leaving us with many a question regarding the fate of our beloved characters and their supernatural world.

Here are 10 burning questions from “Do You Remember The First Time?”).

Where is Jo’s magic? Jo mentioned that she no longer uses magic, and given Bonnie’s magical trick of hiding her own magic in a stuffed animal, we can’t help but wonder if Jo managed a similar trick. Where is Jo’s magic — and will she get it back?

Can Jo help save Bonnie? The episode also dropped a major, if not predictable, truthbomb that Jo is Kai’s sister. This makes us wonder if she is fully aware of Kai’s magical prison and, if so, if she knows how to save Bonnie from it.

How much does Elena remember? We’re still not sure how the magic-free bubble surrounding Mystic Falls works. How much of Alaric’s compulsion wore off when Elena popped over it? Will she regain more memories as her brain sorts out the dozens of images recalled when she was over the border?

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW    

Will Damon tell the others about Bonnie? Now that Damon knows Bonnie is still alive, he best be spreading the news to the others in order to form a Save Bonnie team. But, Damon doesn’t always make the smartest decisions, and we wonder if he won’t continue to keep the secret of survival for some misguided attempt at heroism. How long until the others find out the truth?

How will Matt react to Tripp’s death? Matt was understandably distraught to have his mentor die in his arms. Sure, he was a vampire-killer, but he was also a father figure who thought he was saving the town from vicious killers. Matt admitted to Tripp that his side was “complicated,” implying that he might have some reservations of his own about his quasi-murderous social circle. Will Tripp’s death make him reconsider his friend group?

Does Stefan have a thing for Caroline? We loved the Steroline interaction in this episode. It was awkward, but sweet, and Stefan’s confusion over what he felt for Caroline seemed totally genuine. Though we don’t think Stefan has a thing for Caroline right now, we think that could change. By Stefan’s own admission, his head hasn’t exactly been on straight as of late. What does the future hold for these two former besties?

Are Liv and Luke related to Kai and Jo? There is a heavy witch population at Whitmore College these days, and we think there’s a chance they could all be related. Liv and Luke have been coy about their coven, as have Kai and Jo, but we think there’s a chance they could be related? We’re not sure what this would mean for the show or these characters, but it could be interesting.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW    

Will Elena tell Liam the truth? OK, we kind of know that she will, based on the promo for next week’s episode, but what does that mean exactly? Will she just compel him to forget? Why hasn’t she already? And regardless, how will he handle the news that vampires totally exist?

What will Kai do to Bonnie? Bonnie, eek! We’re totally worried about her. We thought it was bad when she was trapped in metaphysical prison with Kai, but now she’s trapped without her magic. Kai didn’t look too happy when he realized she had hidden it somewhere. What will he do to her now that she’s without her magic?

How long will Delena stay away from one another? Though Damon said he was letting Elena go, we’re giving their estrangement one episode, tops. Damon is a quasi-stalker and Elena seems more determined than ever to get her memories back. We’re calling shenanigans, show.

What burning questions do you have from Season 6, Episode 7? Sound off in the comments below!

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