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Once Upon a Time

Elizabeth Mitchell Hints at What’s Coming Next for “Crazy” Snow Queen, Storybrooke

Looks like things are about to get a lot colder in Storybrooke!

Elizabeth Mitchell recently spoke with IGN about her twisted character — and offered up some pretty juicy hints about what we can expect in the coming episodes!

"She’s on the path to get what it is that she needs. And that’s why it all worked out in a calm fashion, because she deeply feels she’ll get it. So, she’s just one step after the other," Elizabeth said in the interview. "There was no need to be, that type of crazy – I mean, she is crazy - but there was no need to have her throw it all around."

We definitely think Elizabeth's restrained approach to Ingrid makes the character even crazier!

So how does Elizabeth feel about playing someone this villainous?

"You have to, when you’re playing somebody like this. You can’t really be like, well, 'I would never.' You have to say, 'What would make me?'" Elizabeth continued. "That’s generally my couple opening lines for myself when I start a character. Not, 'I would never,' but 'What would make me? What would make me do this?'"

Elizabeth also teases what we can expect from this Sunday's episode "Smash the Mirror" — which should be pretty epic, considering it's two hours long!

"I thought that “The Snow Queen” was going to be the big Snow Queen episode and then we got to the next episode, and I realized, no, that’s the big Snow Queen episode," she said. "I got the script for the next one, and I realized there’s so much more to the story. A lot of questions are answered, and you get to see it, which is one of my favorite things about television. Show it, you don't have us tell it."

Are you excited to learn more about the Snow Queen's backstory and her connection to Emma? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

11.15.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Landen Zumwalt
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