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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 8: 10 Burning Questions

Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was chock full of backstory about the Parker family — aka Liv, Luke, Jo, and Kai — and it left us with a lot of questions. Here are the 10 most burning-est for your perusing pleasure. With TVD going on a mini-hiatus for Thanksgiving, you have extra time to speculate on their answers.

Where did Jo’s dad go? We’re super scared of Jo/Kai/Luke/Liv’s father. He is willing to kill his own child for the good of the coven, and we highly doubt we’ve seen the last of him. Where did he pop off to? And when will he be back?

Is Kai invincible in some way? If Dad is willing to kill his own child so Kai won’t ascend to power, why didn’t he just kill Kai instead of sticking him in some metaphysical prison? Has he gotten more murder-y in the last 20 years? Or is Kai somehow invincible? We know he is in his prison world, but we thought that was just a trait of the prison. Now, we’re not so sure...

Is Liam gone for good? We don’t really have strong feelings about Liam either way, but we hate to see TVD use characters half-heartedly, and that’s kind of how Liam’s arc feels right now. Will he be sticking around as Elena’s pre-med buddy? Or have we seen the last of Liam?

Will Alaric succeed in stealing the ascendant from Jo? We can’t believe Damon compelled Alaric to steal from his own girlfriend (well, we kind of can…). The real question is: Will Alaric be successful? Also: Why isn’t he on vervain like all of the time?

Can Bonnie die? This is the second time Kai has delivered a fatal-looking wound to Bonnie in a matter of days. Can Bonnie die in this prison world? We’d really like to know so we can stop stressing about her imminent demise.

What will Liv and Luke choose? The decision on whether or not to magic-fight to the death with one’s twin or, you know, not seems like kind of a no-brainer, but Liv and Luke have been brought up in a culture of duty to their coven. Will they choose to perform the merging their family expects of them or will they fight back? And how come no one is asking Luke his vote?

Do vampires eat food? Caroline made a big deal out of Friendsgiving, but we’re pretty sure only half of the guests were interested in eating, you know, food. Did Caroline have a separate entree for the vampire population of the party? Probably — she’s considerate like that.

What else can the teddy bear do? Miss Cuddles was the true hero of last night’s episode, but we’re wondering if Damon shouldn’t find a more secure place for Bonnie’s beloved childhood memento and the keeper of all her magic! Preferably somewhere far away from Stefan’s foot.

Where is the rest of the Gemini coven? It isn’t just the Parker family, right? Where are the rest of these broody witches? We’re guessing they’ll show their faces in less-than-ideal ways. Also, are they any good with making magic-free bubbles?

Can we get a flashback to Bamon’s “Tetris phase”? Please.

What burning questions did you have from Season 6, Episode 8? Sound off in the comments below!

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11.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Kayti Burt
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