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The Walking Dead

Will Michonne Have a Bigger Role in The Walking Dead Season 5’s Second Half?

‘Cause Michonne (Danai Gurira) could hardly have a smaller role in the first half of The Walking Dead Season 5 and still be deemed a main character. That’s not OK. Don’t bench the katana queen.

The cast of Season 5 is so big right now that even when most of them are in the same space, the focus has only been on a few lucky characters. Even Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has to take the backseat sometimes, although he’s the show’s main character so when he’s around, he’s in focus. Carol, Beth, Daryl, Abraham, Eugene, Sasha, Bob, Tyreese, Gareth, Gabriel, Noah and maybe even Tara have had some showcase moments in the first half.

Glenn, Maggie and Carl haven’t had big roles, but they haven’t been kept as much in the background as Michonne. She was even put on baby Judith duty during the hospital rescue mission, which is a shame because she may have had Rick’s back when he suggested his hospital plan.

E! News also noticed Michonne’s absence, so they asked executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, “Will we see characters, like Michonne, who've been a little bit more in the background this season come more into the spotlight [in the second half]?” Gale answered, “Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. The great thing in having 16 episodes is that we really do have an opportunity to catch up with each of our cast members.”

The “Oh, yeah. Oh, yes” after specifically being asked about Michonne has us hopeful. The first half of Season 5 ends this Sunday, November 30 with Episode 8 and we know Michonne will have a role, even if it’s not clear how big. The second batch of eight episodes starts on February 8, 2015.

Are you hopeful to see more of Michonne later in the season? Do you think they may even give us some Richonne moments?

Source: E! News