Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 10 — 10 Burning Questions
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 10 — 10 Burning Questions

Burning questions. We have them after every killer episode of The Vampire Diaries, but the midseason finale left us with some doozies — not to mention more than a month to wait until we get some answers. Here are 10 burning questions from Season 6, Episode 10 (“Christmas Through Your Eyes”).

How long does Liz Forbes have? Let’s get the biggest burning question out of the way: how soon are we going to have to say goodbye to Sheriff Forbes because our hearts are not ready. We thought a main character was going to get killed off in the midseason finale, but Liz seems to have some time left. But not much.

What are Kai’s plans for Elena? Villains love going after Elena. We’re not sure why Kai chose to capture Damon’s vampire beloved, but we’re seriously worried about what he plans to do with her. We’ve seen how Kai likes to play with his victims before killing them.

How will Enzo use Matt to take Stefan down? Enzo kindly outlined his plans for all of us at the end of last night’s ep: he plans to use Matt to drain every drop of happiness from Stefan’s life. Is this going to be a compel-and-spy kind of deal? Or will Matt be an even more active in the destruction of Stefan’s life?

Will Jeremy discover the truth? Jeremy hasn’t been good for much these days, but will have to know something is up when he finds out Enzo is alive, right?

Can Jo beat Kai? We totally had faith that Jo could take on Kai in the merging, but now that Kai has absorbed the magic-free bubble’s ironic magic, we’re not so sure. Is there still a chance that Jo could win this thing?

What is Kai waiting for? On a related note, why hasn’t Kai tried to merge with Jo already? He’s been waiting to do this for years, now he has the power to prevent anyone from stopping him, and can only use borrowed magic for so long. Is this just narrative suspense or does Kai have any actual reason for dragging his feet?

Will Luke try to take Kai out? If you hadn’t noticed, we’re very into the Gemini Coven drama, and we totally felt for Luke in last night’s episode when he told Liv that he wouldn’t be a part of allowing Kai to kill, you know, everyone. Will Luke actively try to stop him?

Could Bonnie be any sadder? Seriously. Bonnie has none of the luck. Also, we’re not really sure what else can be done with this storyline...

Will Bonnie be saved any time soon? In a related note, we’re still waiting for the gang back home to figure out a way to bring Bonnie back from the prison world. Now that Kai is all powerful, on the loose, and has Elena, we’re guessing that’s going to be put on the back burner. Again.

What will change now that Mystic Falls has magic again? That magic-free bubble was really starting to grow on us, but we’re willing to hold off lamenting its destruction if there are some compelling developments now that Mystic Falls welcomes vampires and other supernatural folks again.

What burning questions do you have from the mid-season finale? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on Thursday, January 22 at 8 p.m. ET.

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