Bachelorette 2014’s Brian Osborne and Dylan Petitt Are Going on Double Dates Now!
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Bachelorette 2014’s Brian Osborne and Dylan Petitt Are Going on Double Dates Now!

File this one under wildest dreams come true: Two of Andi Dorfman’s hawtie hot cast-offs, Coach Brian Osborne and should-be hair model Dylan Petitt, are single and ready to mingle...together. The bromantic Bachelors are taking to the Boston bar scene to auction off a double date with the duo. Swoon.

While Brian lives in Pennsylvania, apparently he’s not averse to traveling to Beantown for love. $35 VIP tickets include entry to the Brian and Dylan meet-and-greet, a free buffet, and a chance to win a double date. Or you can shell out ten clams for a general admission ticket and try and corner one of them in the men’s bathroom. Just sayin.

Not in the Boston area? The event will be broadcast live via podcast so you can watch all the bad decisions go down from the comfort of your sweatpants.

Since getting booted from Andi’s world tour in Brussels, the cutie pies have been enjoying living the single life. Brian took up a Twitter flirtation with Bachelor Nation family member Christy Hansen, and Dylan got some 1-on-1 time with beach babe Elise Mosca on Bachelor in Paradise — spoiler: It didn’t end well.

Looks like neither guy has been lucky in love so far, which is lucky for the ladies of Boston dying to meet them (and willing to pay up for the chance).

Good luck boys! If nothing works out with the ladies, at least you have each other, as evidenced by the most adorable text Brian sent Dylan in prep for the event. It’s a to-do list for the weekend, and the last item on the list reads “the best weekend of the summer with your best friend from the show.” Awwwwww. Bromance is in the air!

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