Bachelor 2014’s Clare Crawley Dubbed “Ticking Time Bomb” in Episode 3 Sneak Peek
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014’s Clare Crawley Dubbed “Ticking Time Bomb” in Episode 3 Sneak Peek

A Shar-nado is coming to The Bachelor Season 18 this Monday on Episode 3.

Our beloved "Sir" Sharleen Joynt's iciness apparently defrosts by January 20, and she makes a move on Juan Pablo Galavis. She goes in for a kiss, then declares him a tease. So now she's the one chasing him!

This would just be cute on its own, but it brings out the raawrrrrrrrr side of Clare Crawley, as a Huffington Post-issued sneak peek reveals. (You can watch below.)

Clare appears to be suffering from what
Chris Harrison always brings up every season — Great First Date Syndrome. She just enjoyed a winter wonderland with Juan Pabs last week, and now she views him as her man.

Shar tries to be stealthy about the kiss, doing it while no one is looking — but she should know that these girls are always looking. A mini group of Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell, and Elise Mosca attempt to dissect what's going on with JPG and Sharleen, and it upsets Clare.

"It gets a little overwhelming for me when everybody is all over somebody that I just had a really good time with,” Clare tells the cameras. “I actually really, really like Juan Pablo. I don't really want to share him with anyone else." Wrong show, love!

After Clare basically storms off to her room, the other girls tell Shar her innocent moved released the kraken in Clare. "That's a ticking time bomb," Andi warns Sharleen of Clare.

Hmm.... Maybe this is a hint of more jealous drama to come — not necessarily for Sharleen, but between Clare and Nikki. The Season 18 extended promo shows a little spat between them, and maybe it's the jealous monster rearing her head again. Something to keep in mind.

As Sharleen puts it to the camera: "I think there could be some underlying slight possessiveness there." She’s being diplomatic now, but if it’s only Episode 3 and Clare is already hinting to some drama, so her descriptions of the jealousy could get less flattering with time.

Do you think Clare is overreacting with her jealousy, or would you behave the same way if a guy you really liked was showing interest in other women?

Source: Huffington Post

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