Bachelor 2014’s Lauren Solomon and Elise Mosca’s Surprising Reactions to Eliminations
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014’s Lauren Solomon and Elise Mosca’s Surprising Reactions to Eliminations

Getting eliminated on television can be super rough on the ego. Some girls, like Kylie Lewis, get super steamed about their portrayal and lash out at producers however they can. Lauren Higginson got pissed that she was portrayed like an “idiot.” We’d probably do something similar, staving off humiliation with harsh words. Which is why Elise Mosca’s first words on Twitter were so bizarre. To a lesser extent, Lauren Solomon also surprised us, if only because she pulled it together in a complete 180.

OK, let’s separate them to start. Lauren seemed like a sweet girl the whole way through the season. She’s beautiful, friendly, and tried to plant one on Juan Pablo Galavis in group date land after her Korean Craze date in South Korea. It didn’t go well. She ended up crying in his arms before getting eliminated later in the episode. And then crying until she fell out of the frame of the camera. It was awkward and dramatic and made us really uncomfortable watching her clomp out of the palace while JPG and his 11 remainders stared after her.

So, what did she do? Nothing dramatic at all. “You can tell all over my face that is 4:30am... lookin like hell #TheBachelor,” she tweeted about her minor meltdown upon exiting the palace in the Rose Ceremony. She followed up that initial tweet with a super classy, joking message. “He didn't JUAN a kiss. Hey, I tried and I had the experience of a lifetime. :) #Yolo #NoRegrets #TheBachelor.” Done. No shame, no worries, a casual retweet of a Robert Mills joke — she’s definitely on the short list for our friend group.

Elise is another story. The girl who’s been called out for possibly hooking up with The Situation, definitely making a terrifying video involving lingerie and marshmallows, and likely strolling the beaches of Los Angeles in search of the other 14 minutes of fame she missed out on, had a totally different approach.

After calling the other girls “ugly” inside in her last moments on TV, she took it to Twitter to air her… we don’t know what. All we can really say is that she retweeted four dozen compliments and random questions from fans, without responding to any of them. She posted several selfies (except they really aren’t) from Seoul on her Instagram (which is still locked, inexplicably, considering she shares all the pics individually on Twitter), and in no way said anything that implied she had reflected on her elimination. It’s a trip. Take a look for yourself and then tell us what you think of her reaction below.

Sources: Lauren on Twitter, Elise in Neverland on Twitter

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