Bachelorette 2014’s Marcus Grodd Has a Criminal Past — See His Mug Shot!
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Bachelorette 2014’s Marcus Grodd Has a Criminal Past — See His Mug Shot!

Andi Dorfman is an assistant district attorney, so she’s used to prosecuting guys with criminal records, not dating them — until now. Turns out two of Andi’s final four men have wound up on the wrong side of a jail cell door before. We’re betting Andi wishes she hadn’t torn up the results to the lie detector tests now… these admissions are much worse than Dylan Petitt not washing his hands.

According to OK!, recently eliminated Marcus Grodd has a 2010 charge related to being in possession of a stash of pain pills and anti-anxiety tranquilizers. Star Magazine goes into a few more details about the arrest, stating that Marcus spent a day in jail for two misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance and that “his slate was wiped clean in 2011, after he completed a Drug Offender Education Program, completed 32 hours of community service, and passed a number of urinalyses.”

While he doesn’t look at all like the same polished, sexy M.Grodd we’ve come to know and love in his mug shot, his piercing blue eyes are still unmistakable in the county photo.

Turns out that sweet and charming farmer Chris Soules also has a bit of a checkered past, landing in jail for 11 hours for public fighting and drunk driving back in 2005. We never would have seen that one coming from the secret admirer letter writer!

Click here to see Marcus’s 2010 mug shot.

Wow! What a long way both guys have come from their partying pasts. Marcus has already been eliminated and moved on to Bachelor in Paradise, but Chris is still with us and headed to Fantasy Suite dates. We wonder if we’ll be able to look at him the same next week?

Um, yeah. Though we don’t condone his actions, the charges were almost a decade ago and he’s stayed out of trouble since. We’re pretty sure we’re still going to hang on every adorably dimpled smile he gives.

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Source: OK!, Star Magazine