Grimm’s Claire Coffee Is Pregnant With First Child!
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Grimm’s Claire Coffee Is Pregnant With First Child!

Congratulations are in order for Grimm’s Claire Coffee: she’s pregnant! That’s right, the 34-year-old actress (who plays Adalind Schade on NBC’s hit drama series) announced she’s expecting her first child with her husband of one year, Punch Brothers’ lead singer and mandolinist Chris Thile.

“We had definitely been planning for this because we both have such crazy schedules,” Claire explains to People. “They talk about those mothering hormones kicking in around age 30 and that definitely is true. It’s been something I’ve been excited about for a while.”

Now that Claire is already in her sixth month (she’s due in May), she and her hubby are in the midst of picking a name for their child — a boy! — and in full-on nesting mode. In fact, they’re currently turning Chris’s music room into a little nursery for their son.

“We’re working with what is in there already, so there’s some reds and blues and blacks going on,” Claire explains. “I’m trying to buy as little as possible beforehand because my girlfriends all say you won’t know what you need until you meet the baby and know what they prefer.”

Now that the actress has announced her happy news, she revealed to People just how she learned she was expecting. “I’m not a patient person and I didn’t realize you had to wait 10 minutes for the double lines to show up on those little pregnancy tests. So I kept trying and just seeing the one line and I thinking, ‘Oh well, maybe next time.’ Later, I was taking out the garbage and I saw these little pink double lines in the trash.”

Good thing the pregnancy tests finally caught Claire’s eye! “It was very exciting and my husband was in town so we were together.”

Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents!

Source: People