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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 17: 10 Burning Questions

Pretty Little Liars has slowed down the plot pace as of late. We’re not complaining — it makes for more emotionally-grounded stuff and less plot disorientation — but it does mean the “A” plot has lost some of its momentum. That being said, we still have plenty of questions about what will happen next on our favorite teen detective drama.

Here are 10 burning questions from Season 5, Episode 17 (“The Bin of Sin”).

Who moved all of the Mona murder evidence? As usual, “A” and/or another anti-Liar force in Rosewood is one step ahead of our girls. Who moved the evidence out of the storage locker? And why did she bring it to the abandoned ice cream factory? Was it because the Liars’ prints are all over the place?

Who (or what) is in that damn barrel? Come on, PLL! You had one job: tell us who or what is in that barrel. Unfortunately, all we know is that there was a blood-like substance leaking out of the bin. Tanner is having it tested for DNA and everyone seems to think it will be Mona, but we’re less convinced. Who is in the barrel?

Will Aria break up with Ezra? We were actually kind of impressed with Ezria’s interaction in this episode. Aria came clean to Ezra. He was cool about her twisting their relationship to get into college, then curious about whether there might be some truth to Aria’s essay. Will Aria take Ezra’s advice and break up with him?

Is Talia really interested in Emily? We’re always suspicious about the new characters, and — after another episode of Talia trying to ingratiate herself to Team Liar — our “A” spidey sense is tingling. Is Talia really interested in Emily or is she trying to infiltrate Team Liar?

Why is Toby being so mean? We get where Toby is coming from. He is torn between an oath he swore to protect this town and the allegiances he already has to his friends, but use your non-yelly words, Pretty Eyes. OK? Toby is being a major jerk to Spencer and, even if it is somewhat warranted, the degree to which Toby seems angry with Spencer seems a little over-the-top. Is there more than we think behind Toby’s extreme reaction?

Will Ashley tell Ted the truth? We’re kind of annoyed this storyline got extended another episode — Ted is such an understanding man — but we kind of enjoyed spending more time with Ashley and Jason. That being said, Ashley needs to make a decision both about Ted’s marriage proposal and if she is going to tell him about Jason. Given that middle-of-town kiss, we’re guessing she a) will accept his proposal, b) won’t tell him about the kiss, so that c) Hanna will be blackmailed by “A” about the kiss.

What has Holbrook been up to? Toby called attention to Holbrook’s sketchy behavior as of late and, even if Tanner didn’t want to hear it, there may be some truth to his accusations. Holbrook claimed he took some time off to take care of his sick father, but his dad is alive and kicking around the trailer park. What has Holbrook been up to? And is Tanner in on it?

Is Alison really using this time to think? In a bizarre, out-of-body-like experience, we were treated to short musing from Alison, wondering if she would change how much of a witch she was to Nerdy Mona back in the day, if given the chance. It was very strange — almost like a promo for a new, time travel spin-off of PLL — but makes us wonder if Ali really is using her time in prison to do some serious soul-searching. That would be nice.

Where is “A”? “A” has been oddly absent these last few episodes. Sure, bad things have been happening to the Liars, but no one has really been taking credit for it. “A” sends the occasional message to the Liars and Alison, but it doesn’t seem like their heart is really in it. What is the villain up to? Is this the calm before the storm or a sign that “A” has found new hobbies to occupy their time?

Who was searching the ice cream factory in the epilogue? On that note, who was searching the abandoned ice cream factory come the end of the episode? Was it “A”, appreciating her handy work? Was it someone else who had just found the Mona murder evidence? We appreciate an ambiguous epilogue as much as the next person, but these epilogues are starting to become integral to the main plot without explanation — and it’s very distracting.

What burning questions do you have after watching Season 5, Episode 17? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Tuesday, February 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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