Renee Oteri on Her Next Baby — She’s Already Picked the Name!
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The Bachelor

Renee Oteri on Her Next Baby — She’s Already Picked the Name!

It seems like it’s been about five minutes since The Bachelor Season 18 fan favorite Renée Oteri gave birth to her second son, Jax Bracy Maynard, and it seems she’s already rarin’ to go again. The mom to infant Jax and nine-year-old Ben took a break from her mom duties for a few moments to talk to Wetpaint Entertainment about more baby plans with husband Bracy, and which names they’re already tossing around!

Renee Oteri on Her Next Baby — She’s Already Picked the Name!
Credit: Renee Oteri on Instagram    

Back in August, when R+B announced Jax’s sex during their Florida-set wedding reception, we caught up with the hot beach mama to check on her plans. At the time, she said, “We really want a girl. We’ll be trying for another ASAP!” So, is that still true? With three males already in the house (well, four if you count adorable pup Chance), is she fine with just her brood of boys? Well, sort of.

“We definitely want another one!” the somehow not exhausted 33-year-old tells us. “One more and then we’re all done.” And as for the sex, she’s gotten a little more flexible in her hopes for a little sis to her little guys. “Girl or boy, we'll be thrilled either way! If I could choose, it would be pretty awesome to have a little girl. I always thought I would I have a girl one day.” Seeing how Renee took care of her fellow sister-wives on Bachelor 2014, it would be pretty great for a little lady to have such a strong woman to look up to.

The always-positive gal isn’t too worried about what kinda kid she and Bracy cook up next, though. “Being in a house full of boys would be awesome, too! Instead of cheer practice and ballet recitals, I'll just plan on having my own seat in the emergency room,” she laughs.

And as for names, they’re already tossing around some pretty cute, modern ones that’ll fit right in the family. “We really like Ali, Blake, and Mikah!” Well, if a girl isn’t on the horizon, at least those are cute names for the next pieces of her Jax Bee jewelry line!

What do you think about Renee planning for her next kid? How does she do it? Hit the comments with any baby name suggestions you’re brewing up for the next Maynard nugget!