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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 19 — 10 Burning Questions

Pretty Little Liars did an uncharacteristically good job of answering questions in last night’s episode. Is Mike stealing that blood to give to “A”? Yep! Does Talia have a husband? You betcha! Will Ashley tell Pastor Ted the truth? Of course she will! That being said, there are always more questions to be answered in the PLL universe. Here are our top 10 burning questions from Season 5, Episode 19 (“Out, Damned Spot”).

Why is Mike helping “A”? We have to hand it to PLL: they made it pretty clear that Mike stole that blood and delivered it, through Cyrus, to “A”. Which helps us go right past the is-he-or-is-he-not-helping-"A" phase to the why? phase. Why would Mike help “A” given what they've apparently done to Mona, a woman he claimed to love, and what they are still doing to his sister? Did he know the blood was going to "A", or was he tricked?

Is Cyrus with Alison? Though Cyrus may have played accomplice to Ali’s schemes in the past, these two have always had a complicated relationship. Most recently, Cyrus stood Ali up, leaving her alibi-less for the time when Mona was murdered. Are Cyrus and Ali working together? We somehow doubt it. But, if that’s the case, then who is Cyrus working for?

Is Talia telling the truth about her past? We’ve become so paranoid when it comes to this show, that we don’t trust people when they explain lies with a completely possible personal excuse. We’re convinced that everything leads back to the “A” game in one way or another. Is this true of Talia or have we finally gone off the deep end? Is she telling her truth about why she lied to Emily about her husband and last name?

When is “A” going to frame the Liars? “A” is certainly taking her sweet time framing the Liars as accessories for Mona’s murder. At this point, why wait? It seems like she has everything one would need to pull this frame job off. Is it because she doesn’t have Emily’s blood? Is she planning on using the threat of the frame to make the Liars do something even worse?

Is Hanna’s dad the worst? Guys, being a parent to a Rosewood teen is hard work. It takes serious effort to stay away from your child, who has been involved in multiple murder investigations, that much of the time. That being said, Hanna’s dad takes emotional neglect to a whole new level. Is he the worst Rosewood parental in a sea of terrible Rosewood parentals? This is a tough competition, but we think he may have the edge.

Does Jonny have ulterior motives? Is new guy Jonny just a total jerk or does he have ulterior “A” game motives? It’s hard to tell with this one because he plays such a convincing pretentious artists dude, but we think he could have something to do with the “A” game. Why else would he trick Spencer into breaking the law but to gather more “A” blackmail material? He can’t really be that much of a tool, can he?

Will Melissa help Spencer? It certainly seems so, given that a future synopsis mentions Spencer going to London for an interview. An even bigger question: does this mean Melissa and/or Wren will be in an upcoming episode? Please let the answer be yes!

Does Pastor Ted still want to marry Ashley Marin? Will there be a Rosewood wedding in our future? Because we’re still lamenting the loss of Ella’s wedding. Don’t get us wrong — Zach was a total sleezebag and Ella 100 percent made the right decision — we just really wanted to see the Liars dressed up for a wedding again. Also, “A” has a crazy and awesome history of ruining weddings.

Does Andrew want to join Team Liars? Was it just us or did Andrew come off a little fanboyish in this last episode? His unfavorable comparison of his own life to Aria's “more exciting” one. The way he stuck around to back up Team Liars. Could he be setting the stage to apply for Team Liars membership? Because, for the record, we would be forthis development.

How worried should we be about Ezria and Spoby? Two long-term PLL relationships are in danger right now, and we’re not sure how worried we should be. Ezria seems to legitimately be on a break, but at least the show is addressing it in some way — and their conflict seems a bit more manageable given that Aria doesn’t actually feel like Ezra ruined her high school experience (even though she probably should). Spoby, however, is totally avoiding even talking about their issues with others. Yikes!

What burning questions did you have after watching Season 5, Episode 19? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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