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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 20 — 10 Burning Questions

Pretty Little Liars presented us with a surprising number of answers in last night’s episode, but many of them were the kind that lead to more questions. Here are our 10 biggest questions after watching Season 5, Episode 20 (“Pretty Isn’t the Point”).

Is Mona alive? The biggest reveal in last night’s ep came with Mike’s confession that Mona was planning to fake her own death, pretending to work with “A” so that she could bring the villain in. Apparently. Could this mean that Mona really did fake her own death? Mike doesn’t seem to think so, but Mona did tell him (via flashback): “I have to earn [‘A’’s trust]. I have to commit to this 100 percent.” We’d say committing 100 percent looks a lot like apparently getting murdered.

How did “A” get the Liars’ blood? If Mike wasn’t the one to deliver the Liars’ blood from the local blood drive to “A”’s hands, then who was? Was Mike telling the truth? If not, could someone else close to the Liars and/or Pastor Ted’s church be working with “A”?

Can Emily win a beauty pageant? We get that Emily might be more “beauty pageant material” than Hanna, but does she really stand a chance against all of these girls who have been training for beauty pageants more or less their entire lives?

Is Talia out of the picture for good? Emily made it pretty clear to Talia that she wasn’t willing to be some experiment for her, effectively ending their relationship. But Talia doesn’t seem the type to give up so easily. Will she make a grand gesture to get back into Emily’s good graces?

Will Spencer tell Toby about that kiss? We wanted to throw something at the screen when Spencer didn’t pull away from that kiss with Jonny. Things have been awkward between Spoby lately and this could be the moment that ends them for reals. Will Spencer tell Toby about the kiss? If not, we have a feeling “A” might do it for her.

Are Aria and Andrew going to hook up? What is up with the Aria and Andrew hang out time? In no minutes flat, this dude seems willing to just about anything for Aria. Has he secretly pining for her (we thought he was secretly pining for Spencer)? Are these two going to become an item?

Is Lesli involved in the “A” game? In the flashback, we heard Mona talking with Lesli on the phone — and we know they were very close, especially in the period before Mona’s apparent death. Given Lesli’s recent visit to Rosewood, is there a chance that Lesli is involved in the “A” game?

How far will the Liars go to get Ali out of jail? The Liars have finally realized that they made a mistake in helping Alison into jail and actively destroying evidence that would probably prove Ali’s innocence, but what are they going to do about it? They can’t go to the police without implicating themselves, but they can’t let their former bestie rot in jail, either. Can they?

Is Aria’s dad ever coming home? We’re always rolling our eyes at the lack of parental supervision in this town, but Aria’s multiple mentions of her dad in this episode just made us more aware of how long it’s been since we’ve actually seen Byron Montgomery. Answer: Season 5, Episode 11. OK, so that wasn’t that long ago, but his appearances have become so sporadic that we always wonder if he’ll be back.

Who is “A”? For reals, though. We’re supposed to find out a big reveAl in four episodes, so we’re more desperate than ever to get our final guess in place before then. We kind of want it to be Aria, who continues to demonstrate a talent both for manipulation and avoiding “A”’s most damaging schemes (ice cream chamber traps excluded). But, the twin theory is probably a more likely result. Unless Aria is the twin? Yeah, we need an answer to this question and fast — before we drive ourselves permanently insane.

What burning questions did you have after watching Season 5, Episode 20? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

02.20.2015 / 12:00 AM EDT by Kayti Burt
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