Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister Heads to “South Centros” in SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister Heads to “South Centros” in SNL Spoof (VIDEO)

"Don't hate the slayer, hate the game."

Taraji P. Henson hosted last night's (April 11) Saturday Night Live, and you had to know there would be a Game of Thrones sketch to promote tonight's Season 5 premiere. Taraji only had a small role as an angry mother (who lost her husband at the Red Wedding) in the sketch, called "John Singleton's Game of Thrones." In this version, we head to the eighth kingdom of Westeros, called "South Centros." Ice Cube (played by Kenan Thompson) guest stars as a lord of South Centros, who feuds with the Lannisters.

The spoof is filled with hood clichés, but it also mocks GOT's high death count and (overly?) complicated plot. Sasheer Zamata's character tells Jay Pharoah’s young lord, "Frajerious, people die here all the time — suddenly and for no damn reason. Now promise me-" Cue an arrow to her chest. "Ow. Damn!" Cut to the shooter, played by Leslie Jones. "Ray-Ray Baratheon says good morrow, witch!" In another scene, Jay’s character asks his father (Michael Che) when this war is going to end. "I don't know, son. It's a long story. Some say too long. If it was a book it'd be seven long-ass books."

At the end of the sketch, Nikolaj's Jaime returns and the Kingslayer delivers his "don’t hate the slayer…" line. You'd think Nikolaj hosted the show, based on this sketch, but it was Taraji's night overall. Tonight, however, belongs to GOT so catch up on spoilers, recaps, and everything you need to know at

What do you think of this "South Centros" sketch — love it or lame?

Source: NBC