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Teen Mom

Gary Shirley Addresses His Shocking Baby Comments: “My Words Were Twisted!”

So, everyone is feeling pretty iffy about Gary Shirley following Teen Mom OGs Episode 4, and it's all thanks to his less-than-enthused reaction to having a second child. Gary made it clear to everyone that the baby was a total accident, and to be honest, his musings on fatherhood (example: “Obviously, neither one of us wanted one”) were somewhat shocking.

Gary received a lot of angry tweets following the episode, so naturally he hopped online to offer fans an explanation. “Very happy to be a dad again!” he tweeted. “I said ‘I wasn't ready’ never said I didn't want my baby! My words were twisted. I'm very excited.”

Gary also wants fans to know that he's being responsible when it comes to making a stable home for his family. “I bought a house for my family & I'm doing my best to get it ready 4 her!” Gary added. “Because my family deserves the best & I want my girls to be happy.”

Gary also says that he's the “same dad to my new baby as I was to Leah,” and that he's “completely in love with her.”

Sounds like Gary finally has his head in the game, and considering that he's an amazing father to Leah, we're sure this next bundle of joy will be thrilled to have Gary as a pop.

Were you surprised by Gary's comments during Teen Mom OG? Let us know below.

Source: Gary Shirley on Twitter