Jason on Pretty Little Liars: 7 Questions
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Pretty Little Liars

Jason on Pretty Little Liars: 7 Questions

We have more than a few questions for Pretty Little LiarsJason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) and, based on PLL showrunner Marlene King’s tweet that Jason will be playing “a big part” in the next few episodes, we think there’s a chance they might be answered. Here are 7 things we want to know from Jason in Season 6.

Does he know who Charles DiLaurentis is? We think we know the answer to this question (yes), but it’s based on a whole lot of assumptions. Assumption #1: Jason and Charles are the little boys in that home video. Assumption #2: Jason was old enough to remember any of that. We’d like for someone to ask Jason straight out if he knows who Charles is, and we think that person should be Spencer.

What happened to Charles? This is a follow up question contingent on Jason knowing who Charles is, but since we think he does, we’re going to go with it. If Jason does know of Charles’ existence, it stands to reason that he probably thinks Charles is either locked up somewhere or dead. Otherwise, this seems like the kind of information he would have brought forward during Ali’s trial or, at the very least, information that would have allowed him to believe Ali’s story sooner rather than later.

Who else knows about Charles? This is a big question for us moving into Season 6 because whoever knows about Charles and hasn’t come forward is, in some ways, culpable in the “A” game. This culture of secret-keeping has led to the constant terrorism of the Liars and, even if most of Rosewood is ignorant to the true extent of the “A” game, anyone who knows Charles must know that he has the potential to do something like this. If Jason does know about Charles, then it’s likely that he knows who else knows about Charles. Our chief guesses: Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, Melissa, and Mr. DiLaurentis. But the web of lies could spread further than this, and we’re dying to know who else it includes. Most especially: Does Alison know?

Where was he really when he disappeared from Rosewood? As is wont for many a Rosewood resident, Jason tends to take off for months at a time. Memorable excuses include that time he was supposedly down south helping Grandma DiLaurentis remodel her plantation or whatever. Last season, we learned that Jason also spent some time in rehab, but at this point we’re not sure what to believe. What has Jason been up to during his long absences from Rosewood? And do they have anything to do with the “A” game and/or Charles?

Does the N.A.T. Club have anything to do with the “A” game? It’s been a while since the good ole N.A.T. Club has been mentioned, but we’re dying to know if the surveillance, secret-collecting club Jason started with Melissa, Ian, and Garrett is related to the current “A” drama. Could they have been looking for something specific — i.e. the existence of Charles? Or could Charles himself have been part of the gang? Given the fact that every member of the N.A.T. Club not related to Charles has turned up murdered, these are questions that need to be asked.

How does he feel about Ashley Marin? Yeah, we totally ship them.

Is he Charles DiLaurentis? OK, this one’s kind of an awkward question, but we kind of have to ask it.

What questions do you want Jason to ask in Season 6? Sound off in the comments below!

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