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Teen Mom

Watch Matt Baier Propose to Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG! (VIDEO)

Fans finally got a chance to meet Amber Portwood's secret boyfriend, Matt Baier, during Teen Mom OG, and next week these two will take their relationship to the next level of adorable! In a sneak peek clip from MTV, Amber and Matt sit down for lunch at the restaurant where they had their first date, and yep — he pops the question!


“I love you, you know that, right?” Matt says over a giant plate of fries and grilled cheese. “We've done a lot of messed up s—t in our life. Would you agree with that? I would really really, really like to do something right for once. And I want you to marry me.”


Take a look at Amber's face in the clip to see just how shocked she is. In fact, this girl looks so surprised that Matt says, “I'm being 100 percent serious,” and then adorably asks, “So, will you marry me?”


You'll have to watch next week's all-new episode of Teen Mom OG to get Amber's response, but considering that she and Matt are currently engaged, we're thinking she said yes!


We can’t believe how quickly Amber's moved on from her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Gary Shirley. It seems like just yesterday that she was mourning their relationship, but we coudln’t be more happier for this gal!


Don’t miss Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Source: MTV