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Sister Code’s Drew Sidora on Working With Amber Rose and Eva Marcille! — Exclusive

Hindsight’s Drew Sidora is one busy gal. In addition to preparing for baby No. 2 (due August 19), she’s also been hard at work on her new feature film Sister Code also starring Amber Rose and Top Model’s Eva Marcille. So, what was it like to work with the two divas? Drew dished all to Wetpaint during our recent chat — and you won’t want to miss what she said!


Wetpaint: Your new movie Sister Code recently hit theaters! Can you tell us a little about the film?


Drew Sidora: Well, you can definitely check it out. It’s doing well. It’s a positive storyline, which made me want to be a part of it because you don’t get a chance to see women get together on screen supporting one another. So I’d definitely say it’s a family film, take your family to go see it and you’ll walk away with that inspiration as well.


What was it like to work with Amber Rose and Eva Marcille?


We really had hit it off and we had a blast doing it. From the first time we shot a scene together, it was constant laughs and everyone did a really great job. Again, just the storyline and just us dealing with my character’s issues of lupus, I think you got to see some emotion in that and bring awareness to lupus as well. I felt like I had a responsibility to bring that forefront to the screen. Um, so with all of that and just the emotion it’s awful touching. But I feel like people will definitely relate to it and will be very entertained. I feel like people aren’t used to seeing Amber in this kind of role and for her first time, it’s a great film where you can really appreciate every one of our characters and the diversity that we bring.

Sister Code Cast Eva Marcille, Drew Sidora, and Amber Rose

How well do you think Amber did for her first lead feature film?


Oh my God, when she came to set the first day, she knew all of her lines and she was ready. She was so focused and really wanted to do a great job and really wanted to go far in this industry. I have the most respect for that. You know a lot of actors who have done this for many years take this for granted and to see someone wanting this with such desire and to do a really good job, I have a lot of respect with that. And as for Eva, I actually worked with Eva on The Game years ago, so I’ve known Eva for a long time and so it was us coming back together and having a lot of fun. We did some improv which they ended up keeping in the film, so it was a natural flow and we knew our characters and we just had fun together.


Which of the film’s three sisters are you most like?


I think I was definitely like my character, and it was just crazy because I’m watching the film — and I’m pregnant in the film — and I’m sitting here in real life and people are like you were pregnant in the film and in real life and I’m like I did the film a year ago, so yeah, I’ve been pregnant for 12 months, but it was like they put that energy out there. My husband and I were laughing because a lot of the pains and aches you see in the movie, he’s like ‘you’re going through that right now,’ so we had a good laugh. But definitely, being family oriented, my character in the film is very family oriented and very strong and kind of strong as far as wanting to keep her sisters close together and honest as possible and being that glue that keeps them together, I kinda relate to that because I have three sisters, so growing up being sisters can be difficult at times … sibling rivalries and all that good stuff … I was usually the one get the phone calls because I was the voice of reason and I’d get my sisters to come to some agreement or closure or understanding, so I think from that perspective too, I kinda related to my character.


You’re one busy woman! Aside from new music, TV, and movies, are there any other projects on the horizon?


Definitely working on my foundation Dreamakers, which is an outreach for young women that is focused in Chicago (which is where I’m from) that dealt with domestic violence and gun violence and giving them a creative outlet to express themselves. So I do a lot of performance arts workshops just teaching the girls, you know, just the foundations of acting and the industry that we’re in. And also usually with the workshops, we help the girls and teach the girls things they want to know if they want a career in the arts or entertainment. So I’ve been able to work with a lot of girls all across the city of Chicago. I’ve gotten a lot of support from politicians who have come out to our events that we do and it’s through counseling and mental health assessments and we’ve even offered scholarships to girls who came in and their grades weren’t the best and their self-esteem was really down and what I’m really trying to do in Chicago is give back a little inspiration and hope and so Dreamakers is doing a lot of great things. I just thought it was really important to use my platform and really give back to my city. I have a huge workshop coming up later this year that I’m putting together and I’ve got two more films coming out, by a New York Times best-selling author and they’re adaptations, so I’m really proud of those films.

Check out Sister Code in select theaters.

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