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Orange is the New Black

Does Alex Live on Orange Is the New Black?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for all of Orange Is the New Black Season 3. Click away now if you haven't watch it all!

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 was a rough one for Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). She's back in prison thanks to Piper, spends the whole season paranoid that her old drug kingpin is going to put a hit on her now that she's a sitting duck behind bars, and ends up being 100 percent right about that (if not about who’s coming for her).

The last we see of her, she's facing down a would-be assassin, and it's not looking good for her. Will she live to see another season?

Honestly, we don't know, and we bet production will be keeping this info under wraps for as long as possible. That said, there are some hints that Alex will probably be back. Namely, we know filming for Season 4 begins soon (some reports say it has already started), and Laura has been sporting Alex's signature black locks recently, as you can see in this photo, which was taken at an OITNB fan event last week.

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It's possible that Laura just likes the darker haired look or is wearing it for another role (though she doesn't have any upcoming parts listed on IMDb), but we have hope that this is a sign that she's back for Season 4. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean Alex lives; Laura could be back to film her death scene, or flashbacks.

We'll keep you updated if more info rolls in!

06.16.2015 / 05:16 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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