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26 Celebrities You Forgot Were on The O.C. (VIDEO)

The O.C. is notable for launching the careers of its major stars — Adam Brody (Seth Cohen), Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood), and Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) — but many other majorly famous people found early roles on the teen drama. Do you remember these guest spots?ClevverTV has this roundup, complete with footage of these folks in action. Here's a selection of their picks, although you'll have to watch the full video for the entire list.

Max Greenfield: The New Girl actor played Young Sandy Cohen in a flashback arc.

Paul Wesley: Before The Vampire Diaries, he was Ryan’s super sketchy co-worker who pulled a gun on Luke (Chris Carmack).

Shailene Woodley: The Fault In Our Stars leading lady played little Kaitlin Cooper in the first season. She re-auditioned when Kaitlin returned in Season 3, but apparently didn't look old enough for the role.

Cam Gigandet: Cam played Marissa Cooper's no-gooder boyfriend Kevin Volchok. The video says Volchok left Marissa to die in a Tijuana alleyway, but that particular brush with death happened in Season 1, before the pair ever met. He actually left her to die after running her off the road, a little more locally. Other Twilight alums include Annalynne McCord, who played the girl Volchok cheated on Marissa with at prom, as well as Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed, who made notable appearances as love interests for Kaitlin and Ryan, respectively.

Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Janelle Parish of Pretty Little Liars: These co-stars all had guest roles on the teen drama — Lucy as Kaitlin's boarding school roommate.

Olivia Wilde: The gorgeous A-lister had a 13-episode arc as Marissa's girlfriend. "The writers turned Marissa into a lesbian," says the video, but last time we checked, she liked dudes before and after the relationship — making Marissa, while attracted to women, not a "lesbian” and not “turned into” anything.

Chris Pratt: Way before Parks and Recreation — but after Everwood, duh — the Guardians of the Galaxy star played Berkeley hippie Che who briefly dated Summer and wrote bad songs about polar bears.

Paris Hilton, Steve-O, and Chris Brown also made appearances on the series.

Check out all these guest roles in action in the video above, and let us know your thoughts below! Who were your favorite The O.C. guest stars?