The Bachelorette

This Reality Star Is 26 Weeks Pregnant and Looks Amazing in Her Bikini! (PHOTO)

Genetics are not fair. Like, at all. This 5-foot-nothing hard body is 26 weeks pregnant and looks more adorable than ever — and not a stretch mark in sight! We’re gonna go get another Twinkie while we stare sour-faced at her tummy.

This cutie pie was introduced to us on a reality dating show before meeting her now-husband on a spin-off series. The two married in a televised ceremony and are now expecting their first child together — a boy! As if that weren’t enough, the star recently accomplished a pretty cool career goal, and she and her hubby just moved to Miami. Wowsers — everything’s coming up roses for this soon-to-be hot mama!

A fan favorite, this gal has a great sense of humor, too. She’s fascinated with her growing tummy and has been posting weekly pics of it online. She posted the above photo to her Instagram with the caption “Don’t be jealous of my six-pack. #jelly?” Um, actually, we are.

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