Dancing With the Stars: 3 Lessons the Show Should Learn From Season 17
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: 3 Lessons the Show Should Learn From Season 17

Dancing With the Stars is a ton of fun, but it can always use some tweaking. We've already talked about some changes we'd like to see for Season 18 based on how Season 17 played out, but this season wasn't all bad news. In fact, in many ways it was quite fun!

So along with ideas about what to change, what are some positive lessons the show can take away from this most recent run? Here are three things we hope the Dancing With the Stars Powers That Be keep in mind while shaping Season 18.

1. Positivity wins the day! This season was overflowing with happy, positive cast members. From Bill Engvall's "aww shucks" charm to Amber Riley's joyous smile, everyone who made it far got there by working hard, enjoying their journey, and keeping whining to the minimum. Even the token reality contestant, Snooki, was all about loving the dance, not bringing the drama. More of that, please!

2. Show off good dancing. Like usual, the challenges this year ran the gamut from interesting and fun to annoying and gimmicky. And, like usual, the most enjoyable challenges were the ones that really allowed the dancers to show off their skills. More things like the always-fun Trio Challenge, less like the hot-mess dance marathon, please.

3. Keep the episodes packed. While we like the idea of the Results Show returning, we did enjoy how face paced the show became this year. Whatever happens with the Results Show, we hope that next season will continue to keep us entertained with a high dance-to-filler ratio.

What did you like about Season 17? Sound off in the comments below!

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