3 Life Lessons From Teen Mom 2’s Season 2, Episode 12!
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3 Life Lessons From Teen Mom 2’s Season 2, Episode 12!

We’ve learned all kinds of life lessons from watching the documentary force of nature that is Teen Mom 2.

For example, Hollywood hoodies are the perfect present. Fact.

We’ve also picked up some bona fide words of wisdom from these ladies, so check out our top three lessons from the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 finale, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"!

1. Patience Is a Virtue!

Jenelle’s stint in California was difficult, but she stuck it out and ended up with a clean slate! Well, that and a “Hollywood Hat.”

Poor Jenelle was going cray-cray in rehab — not only did she not have weed, she didn’t have internet or phone access. The horror!

But with the help of therapists and a little patience, Jenelle was able to work her way through rehab and come out stronger than ever.

Jenelle also learned how to deal with her mom, the incomparable Barbara Evans. These two have been fighting all season, but Jenelle was taught to take a deep breath, be patient and let her mom ramble on about the dangers of getting “high, high high, ya both high” without flying off the handle.

Way to be an inspiration to your fans, Jenelley!

2. Don’t Fall Into the Same Patterns!

Oh, Chelsea. This girl had come so far with the whole “feeling the rain on her skin” thing — we really thought she had put Adam behind her!

Of course we want Chelsea to be happy, but having Adam in her life only offers temporary comfort. Their relationship always falls into the same pattern: He’s super sweet and flirty, she becomes attached to him, he becomes distant, cheats on her, and then breaks her heart.

If we’ve learned one thing from Chelsea, it’s that sometimes patterns aren’t healthy. Why not mix things up now and then?

3. The Truth Hurts!

Kailyn is the most mature of the Teen Mom 2 bunch, so it was no surprise that told Jordan the truth about hooking up with Jo.

The problem? Kailyn thought that Jordan would forgive her if she was honest about cheating, and seemed surprised when he packed up his plastic box of belongings and booked it outta her apartment.

Sadly, the truth often comes with unsavory consequences — but it’s still preferable to lying, so we’ll go ahead and give Kailyn a big ol’ cyber five!

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