The Walking Dead’s 3 Most Frustrating Moments of 2013
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s 3 Most Frustrating Moments of 2013

The Walking Dead is the biggest and best show on TV, but sometimes it does drive us a little crazy. Now that 2013 is fading into the mist, it’s a good time to take stock of the highs and lows of the year. We already shared five of the “best” moments of 2013 — which included the second half of Season 3 and first half of Season 4. We only have three “worst” moments, since TWD definitely has more highs than lows. And even “worst” is just tough love — we’re not going to abandon the show in the suburbs or anything. So here are three choices for the most frustrating moments of 2013.

1. Andrea Dies, The Governor Survives

Andrea’s whole storyline for Season 3 was questionable. Why did they have to make her the gullible girl who fell for the wrong guy and stayed with the handsome stranger instead of her friend? The fact that Andrea was the last to know everything just made her seem foolish to the audience. It’s a shame, since she’s such a great character in the comics and lasts a lot longer. (She’s actually still alive in the books at this point.) The worst part was seeing her in that chair in the Season 3 finale, just staring at Milton and talking to him as he prepared to die. She didn’t even seem to hustle to get free. In the end, it looked like Andrea might get out, but instead she was bitten by Milton. She simply said “I tried,” and exited on a sad note. Laurie Holden later said if she were one of the writers, things would’ve been very different. The Governor would’ve died — preferably before slaughtering his own people — and Andrea would’ve been more like her comic counterpart. Oh well.

2. The Governor’s Wildly Impressionable New Friends Agree to War

Look, The Governor is a charming, charismatic manipulator. We get it. Andrea sure gets it! But come on. He gives one pep talk to his brand new friends at Martinez’s old camp in Season 4 and suddenly they are all nodding like it’s a valid idea to go storm the prison and take it for themselves? Even if it means killing everyone? They weren’t even in real danger. Lilly said they could just stay there, since the trailer camp was “home,” which seemed like a fair option. It might be different if they were constantly under attack or starving, but they were playing golf, hanging out drinking beer and joking around. There was no impetus for war. Why would these people be willing to risk their lives on the word of this guy they don’t even know to take over a place they don’t even need?

The Walking Dead’s 3 Most Frustrating Moments of 2013
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

3. Meghan’s Random Death

It was actually really cool to see a walker literally rise up from the grave like that. Nice. But what a random end for Meghan. First, her mom Lilly just stares at the river as a walker sloooowwwwwly wades into the water, then Meghan accidentally helps to unearth a walker who bites her. Boom. Just like that, her story is over. Back to the prison war! During the midseason finale battle, Lilly wanders over with Meghan’s dead body. The Governor just shoots her into a second death, and then we return to the fight. Yeah, we figured Meghan was going to die at some point, but it just felt like a rushed exit with no meaning other than to show how The Governor was losing everything. This sweet little girl we spent two full episodes getting to know just died within a few seconds! Shouldn’t it have more impact? At least Hershel’s death was given meaningful context.

Do you disagree? Are we being nitpicky? Do you have your own moments of frustration or did you think every second was perfectly on point?

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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