Teen Mom 3 Premiere: 4 Spoilery Things to Expect!
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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 3 Premiere: 4 Spoilery Things to Expect!

Teen Mom 3 premieres tonight, Monday, August 26 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV, but we got our hands on an advance copy of the 2-hour episode and all we have to say is OMG. This honestly might be the best cast yet (sorry, Farrah). All four girls — Mackenzie Douthit, Briana Dejesus, Katie Yeager, and Alexandria Sekella — have compelling storylines that will pull at your heartstrings in different ways. We were hooked from the introductory montage.

While we don't want to give away any major spoilers, we do want to give you a few juicy tidbits to whet your appetite. Here are four things to look forward to when Teen Mom 3 hits your small screens later this month.

1. Genuinely Great Girls

MTV's Teen Mom franchise is often criticized for glamorizing teen pregnancy and making a spectacle out of troubled young women. Between Amber Portwood who's now serving a 5-year jail sentence and Jenelle Evans who is currently fighting heroin possession charges, there's no denying that some ladies in Teen Mom land aren't always the best role models.

But this cast is different. The premiere episode establishes them as smart, articulate women who unfortunately made some bad choices along the way. Take Mackenzie Douthit, for example, a dedicated cheerleader who's determined to give her son a stable home life. And Briana Dejesus who makes it a top priority to command respect from her ex Devoin. And then there's Katie, who always puts her education first, and Alex who's working three jobs while trying to help her baby daddy stay sober.

The ladies of Teen Mom 3 are genuinely great girls, and you'll be rooting for them from day one.

Teen Mom 3 Premiere: 4 Spoilery Things to Expect!
Credit: MTV    

2. Seriously Deadbeat Dudes

Teen Mom has featured some pretty deadbeat dudes in the past (we're lookin' at you, Andrew Lewis!), but they're nothing compared to Teen Mom 3's crop of sperminators. We're not even kidding when we say these guys will make you want to throw something at your TV. They're lazy, apathetic, disrespectful, and all around jerks. And not one can make actual eye contact while having a conversation. While some eventually do step up to the plate (spoiler alert!), the premiere makes you wonder why these girls even dated them in the first place (let alone had sex with them … ick).

3. Super Cool Parents

While there's no replacement for Barbara "I See You Wit Keeefah" Evans, there are a few Teen Mom 3 parents who really stand out. We're already obsessed with Alex's mom, a no-nonsense lady who's sure to stir up some drama with her strict set of rules. There could also be some clashing with Mackenzie's super religious parents who don't want Macks and Josh living together until they're married. But our favorite might be Briana's mom. This lady doesn't take crap from anyone! We can't wait to see her battle it out with Devoin, Barbara and Kieffer style.

4. Amazing One-Liners

It wouldn't be an episode of Teen Mom without some memorable one-liners from our teenage ladies with babies. Our favorite from the 2-hour ep comes from sweet-as-pie Mackenzie, who romances her rodeo-riding boyfriend by recounting their love-at-first sight story.

"When I first saw you I was like, 'Man, he's smokin,'" she tells Josh as he grooms his horse. "And then I looked down and saw your cowboy boots and I'm like, 'Yeah, he's a winner.'"

For all the naysayers who think Teen Mom is scripted, you just can't make this stuff up.

Will you watch Teen Mom 3 when it premieres on August 26? Tell us below.

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