Grey’s Anatomy: 3 Reasons a Calzona Divorce Wouldn’t Be the Worst
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: 3 Reasons a Calzona Divorce Wouldn’t Be the Worst

Don't kill us, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) fans! While we continue to hope that the former Grey's Anatomy power couple will somehow find a way to work through their current pain and anger and rekindle their spark, as Season 10 goes on we're being faced more and more with the harsh reality that a divorce may be in their future.

If you'd asked us a year ago if we'd be OK with Callie and Arizona splitting, we'd have done a spit take and looked at you like you were crazy. However, now that we've watched them hurt each other so much, we're reluctantly opening up to the idea.

As we said, we've still got our fingers crossed that things will somehow work out, but here are three reasons a Calzona divorce wouldn't be all bad news.

1. At least they'd stop hurting each other so much. As Calzona fans, this season has been very hard to take. Callie brushing off relationship counseling and pretending Arizona had died in the crash to scare up sympathy cash? Arizona taking off her ring and sleeping with Leah? Ug. We hate it, we hate it all. At least if they go their separate ways for good we could get all of the heartbreak over in one terrible swoop.

2. It would be an interesting to see them co-parent. While Callie and Arizona wouldn't be the first Grey's characters to get divorced after having a child, this would be the first time both characters involved with the divorce are main cast members. Grey's is great at showing the wide variety of kinds of families that exist in modern America, and we think the writers could do interesting things with Callie and Arizona learning to be co-parents after a divorce.

3. More exploration of their sexuliaty. On one hand, we really want Callie and Arizona to work out, because it is far too rare for lesbians to get happy endings on TV. That said, if Callie and Arizona do split, it would give the show a chance to explore other same-sax relationships, and also, perhaps, to dig into Callie's bisexuality and how she relates to that now that she's accepted herself more than she used to. And, of course, there's no reason they couldn't still get happy endings, just maybe not with each other.

What do you think: Are you still all about Calzona making it work, or do you think a Calzona divorce could be a good thing for the show? Sound off in the comments below!

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