3 Reasons Ezra Isn’t “A” on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

3 Reasons Ezra Isn’t “A” on Pretty Little Liars

We’ve been so caught up in Pretty Little Liars “Ezra is ‘A’” aftershock that it’s been hard to gain emotional distance from the reveal. Well, we’ve gotten our feels under control and are now ready to look at this thing logically. Here are three reasons we think Ezra (Ian Harding) can’t be “A.”

It's too soon to tell.

The biggest factor working in Ezra’s favor is that PLL has at least one-and-a-half seasons left to air. Maybe this show would work if the viewers know who “A” is, but we don’t think so at least, we don’t think the PLL Powers That Be are going to try. Since the pilot, PLL has operated under the conceit that these four teenage girls are being terrorized by an unknown antagonist who knows their deepest secrets. If we know who “A” is, that changes the show. We don’t think we’ll truly find out his or her identity until the very, very last episode.

He has no motive!

Rosewood is overflowing with people who seem to think the Liars have slighted them. From causing their blindness (i.e. Jenna) to getting them kicked out of college (i.e. CeCe), there’s people lining up to take the Liars out...But Ezra isn’t one of them. Sure, he could have some deep, dark motive that we just don’t know about, but it’s hard to imagine what it could be. He didn’t know the girls before moving to town to become their English teacher/Aria’s secret boyfriend. Even if he knew Ali, it doesn’t explain why he would be after her friends.

He would never wear board shorts.

The Liars seem to think that “A” is the older hottie Ali hooked up with in Cape May the summer before she died, referred to only as “Board Shorts” in her diary. Seriously, can you imagine Ezra in board shorts? Because we can’t. If Ezra did grace the beach with his presence (which we can’t really imagine either), he probably wouldn’t even go in the water. He’d be too busy writing poems about the ruthlessness and beauty of nature. Fact.

Can you think of any other reasons Ezra can’t be “A”? Share your theories in the comments below!

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