3 Reasons Ezra Should Be “A” on Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

3 Reasons Ezra Should Be “A” on Pretty Little Liars

Is Ezra really "A" on Pretty Little Liars? It sounds like fans will have to wait a while to find out exactly what's going on with Rosewood's hottest teacher. Until the truth is revealed, all we can do is examine the clues and think about how we want this shocking story to play out.

We know there are plenty of Ezra and Ezra/Aria fans out there who are keeping their fingers crossed that the big reveal was actually deeply misleading, but we have to admit that we think it would be very cool if Ezra really was the mastermind behind "A"'s most evil deeds. Why? Here are the top three reasons we're hoping Ezra really is the show's Big Bad.

It's truly shocking — and gutsy! At this point, so many Rosewood residents have been painted as suspicious that almost anyone else being "A" wouldn't be a surprise. Melissa? Duh. Wren? Double duh. Ali? Called that years ago. While we've had inklings that Ezra could be "A" in the past, we never thought the writers would go there. If they make this stick, our minds really will be blown.

It resolves our biggest frustration with the show. As we've complained too many times to count, Aria and Ezra's plot often felt removed from the core of the show. Unlike the other pretty little love interests, Ezra never got deeply involved in the "A" plot line. Aria told him very little about what was going on, and "A" didn't target their relationship, even though they would have been very easy to blackmail. Ezra being "A" flips this on its head, drawing Ezra into the center of the story while also explaining why he — and, to a lesser extent, Aria — always seemed to get off easy.

It opens up all sorts of new storylines. When will Aria find out, and what will she do when she does? Can Ezra be redeemed, perhaps through Aria's love? Could she be convinced to join his side? Was she on his side the whole time? Will it all come down to the Liars plus an alive Ali battling it out against Big Bad Ezra? There are so many different places the writers could go if Ezra is "A", and we'd be curious to see all of them.

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