3 Reasons Kenny Ryan Is the Dead Body Underwater on Revenge Season 2
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3 Reasons Kenny Ryan Is the Dead Body Underwater on Revenge Season 2

Do you wake up every morning covered in lobster shells and cold sweats? It's probably because you still don't know the identity of the mysterious body that was revealed during Revenge's season premiere, which is super-duper double-infinity stressful. Who is this hirsute man, and why is six feet under with The Amanda, a photo of the Porter family, and the mariner’s compass given to Jack by Emily Thorne?

Well, Revengers, we have a few ideas –– and don't worry. Declan is safe...at least in this scenario. Check out 3 reasons we think the body in question belongs to the Kenny Ryan, aka that nefarious hunk who's conning Jack out of The Stowaway!

1. Kenny Appears To Be Married
Thanks to Declan's love of larceny we've seen the inside of Kenny's house, and it doesn't scream bachelor pad. We have a feeling Kenny is a taken man –– in fact, we have proof. When Declan broke into Kenny's house, a female voice said "I'm exhausted," which strongly implies that Kenny is either married or living with someone. Unfortunately, we weren't able to catch a solid glimpse of his ring finger, but if Ken is sporting a band he's a definite contender for The Amanda's mystery body.

2. He's A Disposable Character
Fans would flock to the streets in mass protest if one of our favorite characters was killed off (yes, even Conrad), so murdering a random is the way to go. The problem? The Revenge Powers That Be need to ensure that fans are familiar enough with said random to actually care about his death. Enter Kenny. He's evil, he's playing a pivotal role in Jack's life, and we won't be too torn up if he dies in a tragic boat explosion.

3. His Father's Connection to the Porters
Kenny's old man was some sort of Montauk bookie who was threatening the local businesses including The Stowaway. Carl Porter Sr. tried to pay him off, but fellow business owner Matt Duncan used Carl's gun to take out Mr. Ryan Sr. At the time, Carl covered for him, but somehow Kenny and Nate have figured out the connection and think Carl was responsible for their father's murder. That means they're gunning after the Porter boys, which can only end badly. And since Jack and Declan are favorites, we have a feeling that it will be Kenny who gets the short end of the stick this time.

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