3 Reasons Maksim Chmerkovskiy Would Be a Great Dancing With the Stars Judge
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Dancing With The Stars

3 Reasons Maksim Chmerkovskiy Would Be a Great Dancing With the Stars Judge

While Maksim Chmerkovskiy still hasn't officially declared he's stepping down as a Dancing With the Stars pro, all signs point to Season 18 having been his last season, unless something big changes.

That said, the longtime pro has expressed interest in coming aboard as a judge, and the more we think about it, the more we love the idea. If Len Goodman really does retire — as he hinted he might in the Season 18 finale — or if the show decides to add a permanent fourth judge, here are three reasons we think Maks would be great for the gig.

1. Pros give the best feedback. At this point we've seen a range of guest judges, and so far, we've been happiest when a pro dancer was the one raising those paddles. We like it when the judges actually know what they're talking about and can give fair scores that are paired with specific, useful feedback. Pros who have competed on the show are the very best — they know what a dance should look like, and they also understand the show and what can reasonably be expected from the stars. If not Maks, we'd love to see any of the former pros as a judge.

2. He knows how to create a good soundbite — but also how to stay reasonable. A few years ago, we might have been concerned that Maks's sometimes abrasive personality would consume the show if he became a judge, but now we're not worried. As a guest judge on Season 17 he proved that he could be restrained and generally positive, and as a pro on Season 18 he proved that restraint was no fluke. We think he'd bring the right mix of snarky banter — he and Carrie Ann Inaba would probably get into an amusing argument or two — and genuine feedback.

3. We want to keep him around! While the show certainly can — and did, for a few seasons — go on without the bad boy of the ballroom, we're not going to lie: We like having him around. He's hot, he's interesting, and he's been a part of the show for a long time. We love the idea of having him remain a big part of the Dancing With the Stars experience.

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