Dancing With the Stars: 3 Reasons Tristan MacManus Deserves a Contender
Dancing With the Stars: 3 Reasons Tristan MacManus Deserves a Contender
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars: 3 Reasons Tristan MacManus Deserves a Contender


The life of a Tristan MacManus fan is hard. The Dancing With the Stars pro has been turning heads ever since he joined the show as a pro in Season 13, but, despite his popularity amongst fans, he has yet to be given a true contender for a partner. We're sick of it.

Season 17 continues the trend. While we're sure Tristan considers it a great honor to dance with legendary actress Valerie Harper, the fact of the matter is that, at 74 years old, Valerie is unlikely to make it to the finals, at least based on the longevity of older contestants in the past. "High profile but unlikely to make it all the way" seems to be exactly the kind of star the DWTS Powers That Be have decided Tristan is perfect for, but we think it's high time he be given a contender — even one with less name power — instead.

1. DWTS needs more male superstar pros. It sounds like Maksim Chmerkovskiy has no intention of returning to the show as a pro, and while Derek Hough is back again this year, chances are he's going to want to move on to other things eventually; the same is probably true of Mark Ballas. DWTS needs to find new pros to replace these big names. Val has emerged as one hot new fan fave, and Tristan could easily be another — but only if he's actually given a chance to show what he can do in the later rounds of the competition.

2. Repetition is boring. Yes, many pros have a "type" — and we end up complaining about that, too. We like the show to surprise us, and one easy way to do that is to mix up which type of contestant each pro is paired with.

3. We just like watching him! In the end, we'll admit we're mostly being selfish. We like having Tristan on the show because he's hot, charming, and talented, and we happen to like people who are hot, charming, and talented. While he often ends up dancing with the pro troupe and other professional dancers after being eliminated, it's not the same. We want to see him with a partner who lasts, because we like having him in the competition, plain and simple.

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