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3 Reasons Why We Love Erica Rose On Bachelor Pad 2

At some point in the past four weeks, Erica Rose became the #1 reason to watch Bachelor Pad Season 2. If you told us even a month ago we'd end up adoring the tiara princess from The Bachelor: Rome, we'd call our maids and have you removed from our mansion. She wasn’t right for The Bachelor, but she is purrfact for Bachelor Pad. Here are three reasons we judge this law student guilty — of being awesome.

3 Reasons Why We Love Erica Rose On Bachelor Pad 2
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1. She’s hilarious
The one-liners! It’s not even just the stuff she says, it’s the way she says it with her dry, deadpan drawl. She doesn’t laugh at her own comments. She may not even realize they’re funny. She says things like “I don't think Vienna and Kasey are good people. They're all about themselves and they're not even cute.” Or “I definitely have good lips that I maintain with getting injections every six months.” And there’s no Holly Durst giggle or William Holman guffaw. There’s just that Erica stare. She’s classic. Sure, she’s also shallow and it’s weird to see a grown woman crouch on the ground to spy on her Padmates or give rave reviews to Jake Pavelka’s package while wielding a crystal gavel. But she’s the definition of good reality TV. Melissa Schreiber even said Erica and William should have their own show. We’d definitely watch!

2. She’s smart
We have no idea how she’s doing at law school, but at Bachelor Pad University, she’s scoring some easy As. It’s refreshing to see a girl guard and protect herself for a change. Too many Padawans entered this season already in relationships/alliances. That makes it harder for unattached folks — and Erica has had trouble finding a steady partner. She had Kirk DeWindt for the first challenge, but only because he got drunk. Then she made a move on Jake Pavelka, sealing their mini alliance with a kiss, because she thought he was hot and she was in the position of power. When he was voted out, she moved right on to Blake Julian, because he also needed some back-up — and because she also thought he was hot. So, instead of just having a boring chat, she gave him a massage. What a savvy negotiator! But when Blake decided to violate man code and date Holly instead of Melissa or Erica, Erica took it in stride. No histrionics. Instead, she made sure to keep the “Melissa Is Crazy” train running at full speed — so if anyone was in danger, it was never her. And wouldn’t you know it? It worked.

3. She’s not confusing any of this with brain surgery
It’s Bachelor Pad. It’s a game. Yeah, there’s money and potentially love involved, but it’s a place to chill out and have fun, while being surrounded by hot guys. Erica knows that. She doesn’t freak out about anything. Even during the egg survey challenge — when she was targeted over and over — she cried from emotional and physical pain, but without the usual hysteria we’ve come to expect from the women on this show. True, we weren’t impressed when she threw Ella Nolan under the bus to make herself feel better, but she apologized for that in one of her candid and very Erica vlogs for the official Bachelor site. In the house, she’s playing both sides — buddying up to real-life friends Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi while also trying desperately to get rid of them. Kasey and Vienna may feel betrayed, but Erica is on the right track. It’s a game and they are standing in her way. She and Blake Julian are the only ones at this point still shouting the “break up the power couples” mantra. Everyone else has been voted out. But unlike Blake, Erica hasn’t muddied her feet in treacherous emotional waters. Her only problem is that she has no alliance, because everyone else is afraid to stand up to The Powers That Be. Erica doesn’t seem afraid of much, even her own critics. When people diss her on Twitter, she doesn’t lash back or lick her own wounds. Instead, she tweets stuff like this: “Dear haters, please try and make your insults more original and entertaining, because as of now, you're boring me. XO, Erica.” That’s how you do it.

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08.31.2011 / 10:25 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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