Teen Mom 3 Stars Plan Exciting Trip Together!
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Teen Mom 3 Stars Plan Exciting Trip Together!

Teen Mom 3's debut season is almost upon us (it's slated to premiere later this summer on MTV), and Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, Katie Yeager, and Briana Dejesus couldn't be more excited. In fact, they're gearing up to celebrate good times (c'mon) with a fabulous reunion!

No, these ladies aren't flying out to New York City for a therapeutic bonding session with Dr. Drew (been there, done that), but they are planning their very own ladies + babies vaycay! That's right, Mackenzie, Alex, Katie and Briana are treating themselves to some MTV family fun times, and they're pulling out all the stops!

"Tm3 girls planning a cruise trip w/ the babies! YEY!" Briana tweeted on June 17.

OMG a cruise? We want to go to there. Oh, and don't worry — these ladies found time to make fun of their predecessor, Farrah "Backdoor Teen Mom" Abraham again, while planning their vacay! Check out Briana's transcription of a convo between herself and Katie:

"Me: great, were gonna go on this trip, get kidnapped, held up for ransom, a 1mill each.

Katie: least we didn't have to make a porno!"

Sigh, these ladies have such a great sense of humor. Though we have a feeling Farrah isn't laughing.

And if you're wondering how Bri, Katie, Mackenzie and Alex have money to afford such an extravagant trip, don't forget that all these gals work for a living and they were just paid the big bucks by MTV. Lord knows they deserve a relaxing vacation after what they've been through, so more power to 'em!

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