3 Ways Castle and Beckett Can Spice Up Their Romance in Season 5
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3 Ways Castle and Beckett Can Spice Up Their Romance in Season 5

We have to admit that the most recent Castle and Beckett scenes have left a lot of be desired. A LOT! But we're only halfway through Season 5, which means there's still plenty of time for Caskett to heat up our TV screens.

We've witnessed a few failed attempts here and there: the weekend getaway gone awry, Beckett playing sexy dress-up time with a sci-fi mask, and let's not forget about the seductive game-playing our fearless crime fighter/writer have done for the past four seasons.

But just in case this duo needs a helpful hint on how to spice up the romance, here are a few suggestions:

3. The Art of a Couple's Massage!

Castle is more than equipped to work the knots out of Beckett's back, but who doesn't love a steamy room, where the only clothing option is a towel? Instead of a paid masseuse doing all of the work, simply fast forward to their crash course in the "how tos" of massage therapy. Scented oils optional.

2. A Dance Lesson!

Forget about the super upbeat cha-cha or the ultra-serious waltz. It's the Argentine tango that will have Beckett and Castle sensually twisting and turning all over each other. Castle might not have moves like Maks, but that dance can make any couple feel sexy. Wait, is it getting hot in here?

1. Dinner For Two in Bed!

Just picture it now: a mystery basket filled with aphrodisiacs to arouse the senses. Strawberries, chocolate, champagne — definitely ditch the oysters. If all goes according to plan, Caskett will skip straight to dessert.

Do you think Castle and Beckett need to heat up their relationship? Tell us your thoughts — and sexy scenarios! — in the comments below!