Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment


30 Seconds of Style: Leather Pants — Which Stars Got the Look Right?

Gone are the days when leather pants were reserved for only the most daring of fashionistas — this is one trend that anyone can get involved with, regardless of personal style, budget, or body type. It all comes down to how you put the bold look together in an ensemble, and luckily we’ve got those fashionable celebs — from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna — to use as examples!

But even the rich and the famous don’t always get leather pants right. For those offenders (and us newbies), there are some simple rules that any good fashionista should observe when sporting the style. For one, coordinate with your significant other to make sure you both aren’t wearing leather pants at the same time — no matching, please! Also, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so going all-leather from head to toe is just too much.

The do’s? Definitely incorporate color, and designers have been great about serving up leather in different hues over the last few years. Also, a little black and white action in an ensemble is an easy way to make your look totally chic.

Watch the video above to see which stars, like Girls’ Allison Williams and Heidi Klum, did leather pants the right way! And sound off below about your thoughts on the trend.