Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment


30 Seconds of Style: Overalls — Which Stars Got the Look Right? (VIDEO)

If you thought overalls were a thing of the ‘90s, think again! Turns out these jean onesies are having a serious comeback, and Hollywood is helping out the trend. From Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, to Sarah Jessica Parker, these starlets have put their own spin on the overalls look, and we love it so much, we’re already shopping for our own pair!

As with every trend, there are do’s and dont’s. For starters, it’s quite imperative to pair overalls with a top — unlike Lady Gaga who simply wore a pink bra — and one that is form-fitting so you don’t look sloppy (á la Julianne Hough). Lastly, accessories make or break a look, and with overalls they’re absolutely crucial. To keep overalls from looking dated, don’t follow Heidi Klum’s style and wear them with running sneakers. Now that’s so ‘90s!

To keep the look fresh and chic, take a page out of Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna’s lookbook. Keep overalls fitted and seamless, and add some fun accessories — like heels, a statement necklace, or a crop top — for added flair. Now, just because they’re overalls doesn’t mean they have to be denim. For a fun twist on the full look, pull a Kylie and wear a pair of khaki overalls to switch things up.

Check out the Wetpaint video above and tell us if you agree or disagree on which celebs wore their overalls the best in the comments below!