Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann Defends His Weight Amid Criticism
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Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann Defends His Weight Amid Criticism

The ladies of Teen Mom 3 are so lucky. Sure, most of their baby daddies are kinda deadbeats, and yes, some of these dudes have seriously offensive facial hair, but all in all we're dealing with some pretty studly stallions.

All of the Teen Mom 3 baby daddies are made equal, but the cream of the crop might just be Matt McCann. Matt spent most of 16 and Pregnant wearing way too much tie-dye and looking extremely sleepy, but he's definitely a good looking fella! However, this ginger has packed on a few pounds since his days as a reality superstar, and it looks like he's been on the receiving end of some hate about his weight from fans.

While it's pretty obvious that Matt has gained a few, he still looks amazing and he took to Twitter to defend his honor, writing "Hah. I'm not overweight. I eat good food, bite me."

Way to defend yourself, Matt! In the words of Kailyn Lowry, "beauty is sizeless," and Matt looks handsome at any weight. Plus, now that he's getting married to his fiancé, Lekota Koch, this dude can pack on as many extra pounds as he wants without having to worry about impressing the ladies.

BTW, we might have a lot of love for Matt's handsome mug, but we'd like it to be known that we still feel iffy about his chinstrap/goatee/chintee or whatever that thing is.