Grey’s Anatomy: 4 Docs Who Took Time Off From the Hospital — And Returned
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: 4 Docs Who Took Time Off From the Hospital — And Returned

The news that Meredith and Derek are leaving the hospital for a bit so they can focus on raising baby Bailey and adorable toddler Zola would make us very concerned, except that they are far from the first docs to take a break from the hospital — and then return.

Which other major characters have gone MIA, only to reverse their position later? We've gathered up the most memorable examples to remind ourselves that sometimes a little time off can do a doc good.

Arizona, after losing her leg. At the beginning of Season 9, Arizona spent a long period of time moping around her house feeling miserable about losing her leg. Her journey back to work was a long one, but eventually she made it.

April, after failing the boards. April found herself floundering and jobless after failing her boards thanks to post-coitel stress. She briefly returned home before Owen decided that firing her was too harsh, and flew out to bring his mentee back to where she belongs.

Cristina, after the shooting. Cristina quit her job and briefly became a party-happy bartender after the trauma of operating on Derek at gunpoint rendered her unable to work. Fortunately, a fishing trip reminded her that she can feel something other than fear.

Izzie, after Denny died. After Denny's tragic death, Izzie fessed up to cutting his LVAD wire and then left the internship program, declaring "I thought I was a surgeon, but I'm not, so I quit." Eventually Bailey convinced her to change her mind, but it remains one of the most memorable Grey's moments of all time.

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