4 Reasons Pretty Little Liars Baddies Ezra and Mona Would Make a Great Couple
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4 Reasons Pretty Little Liars Baddies Ezra and Mona Would Make a Great Couple

Ezra (Ian Harding) and Mona (Janel Parrish) are two of the most interesting and suspicious characters on Pretty Little Liars right now, and spoilers suggest the two "A"-related maybe baddies will be spending some time together in the second half of Season 4. Could that time turn romantic? We're not sure, but it's definitely a possibility.

At the risk of infuriating every Ezria shipper under the sun, we're coming out in favor of this potential pairing. No, we don't think it would be true love — or love at all. We also don't think it would or should last. But if Ezra and Mona hooked up, it could be a fantastic plotline.

Why? Here are just four of the reasons we really want to see this match made in hell happen on screen.

1. Untrustworthy? Meet untrustworthy. There's nothing quite as fun as a relationship between two characters who never show their whole hand. We like constantly guessing if the feelings are in any way real, or if each character is just playing the other — and if so, why, how, and to what ends. Mona and Ezra would be a constant guessing game, and we'd enjoy trying to put together the pieces.

2. Ezra outside of Ezria. We got to see Ezra interacting with a fair number of characters other than Aria in the first half of Season 4, and we enjoyed it. Now that he's uber suspicious, we're even more eager to see what he's like when he's not playing the part of Aria's long suffering love. Mona would be a fantastic character for him to bounce off of.

3. More Mona, more fun. In fact, Mona is one of our favorite characters on the show, so any plot that gives us a heavy dose of the original "A" is a winner in our books. Plus, just like we normally see Ezra with Aria, we most often see Mona with the Liars. It would be good to get more of her in a different situation, where she isn't necessarily trying her hardest to earn the Liars' trust.

4. It's a major shakeup. Whatever you think of this potential couple, it's definitely a big change from the status quo, and sometimes the most creative stories happen when writers shake things up, big time, and see what happens from there. We have a feeling that this twist would create all sorts of fascinating subplots.

Would you want to see Mona and Ezra get together? Sound off in the comments below.

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