Dancing With the Stars 2013: 4 Reasons Snooki Shouldn’t Have Gone Home
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: 4 Reasons Snooki Shouldn’t Have Gone Home

It's been a few days, but we still haven't adjusted to the idea that Snooki is really gone from Dancing With the Stars Season 17. The little squirrel monkey left the ballroom far too soon. Even Carrie Ann Inaba agrees her elimination was devastating.

Why were we so upset to say goodbye? Here are four of the top reasons.

1. She was improving every week. We love watching stars without dance training go from mediocre to wonderful, and Snooki's story was almost all progress. She was never bad, but she certainly grew by leaps and bounds over the seven weeks we saw her dance, and there was still room for her to get even better. We wanted to see just how great she could be.

2. She was fun to watch. Snooki may be small, but her personality was huge, and her pro partner, Sasha Farber, had a knack for choreographing dances that let her shine. Sure, sometimes she was a tad ahead of the music, but she never failed to make us smile.

3. She cared. A LOT. She wanted to show the world how mature she'd become, and she clearly put her heart and soul into this competition. She had a fighting spirit that could have taken her all the way to the end, and it was devastating to see her run cut short. She was clearly broken hearted.

4. She could confuse Tom Bergeron. It's not often that host extraordinaire Tom Bergeron meets his match, but he seemed baffled by Snooki's squirrel monkey/chihuahua talk, and it was kind of amazing.

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