4 Reasons We Don’t Buy Ezra’s Book Story on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

4 Reasons We Don’t Buy Ezra’s Book Story on Pretty Little Liars

On Pretty Little Liars, Season 4, Episode 20 (“Free Fall”), Ezra (Ian Harding) revealed his secret to Aria (Lucy Hale). No, he's not "A" — he's "just" an over enthusiastic journalist looking to write a true crime novel about Alison. Oh, and also he's Board Shorts. But Ali lied about her age, so that's totally cool, right?

Leaving aside all the ways this story makes our skin crawl as it is — he admitted to knowing who Aria was when he approached her at the bar! That's so creepy! — we're not really buying it. Right now, the show's writers are suggesting this really is the full story, but if so, there are a lot of questions that still need answering.

Here are the biggest reasons that Ezra being just a journalist doesn't really add up for us without a lot more explanation.

1. Why was Mona helping him? This is our biggest sticking point. Mona is a very dangerous person, but in this episode she seemed deferential when she told Ezra she couldn't help him any more. While we could potentially see Mona teaming up with investigator Ezra just for the fun of it, that doesn't mesh up with the way she responded to him this week. Unless he's a journalist who also has a knack for making people scared? If so, that doesn't speak well to his personality...

2. All the spying. We get that investigative journalists need to, well, investigate, but Ezra had a full on spy operation going, with people taking shots of the Liars all over town. That's not really how journalists normally operate. In fact, it's deeply unethical. He's been playing fast and loose with the privacy of a bunch of teenage girls — that might make for a good book, but it's also likely to get him in a lot of trouble. Why take that risk, instead of going down a more straightforward, and ethical, reporting path?

3. What was all that Maggie stuff? Wait, so was all that weird stuff with Maggie just... supposed to be taken at face value? Because we don't see how it would tie into the journalist plotline, but it also still strikes us as totally unrealistic and a waste of time if there's really nothing else to it. Also, what was up with the woman he yelled at in the parking lot? Was that really Maggie’s lawyer? Or, was she connected to his investigation?

4. And so many other clues! There are a lot of clues that makes it seem like Ezra is "A" or "A" related, and many of them don't really get explained by this version of events. Why did Ezra have that pile of cash in Season 3? Why did he conveniently show up on the Halloween train if he didn't know something "A" related was going down? The list goes on.

We're still trying to wrap our minds about this twist. What do you think: Does it work for you, or is it unsatisfying? Let us know in the comments below!

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