40-Year-Old Fetus Discovered Inside Old Colombian Woman
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40-Year-Old Fetus Discovered Inside Old Colombian Woman

In news that makes you say “eww,” an 82-year-old woman recently found out that she’d been carrying a fetus, for the past 40 years! Wait, what?

The Daily Mail reports that the elderly woman from Bogota, Colombia went to the doctor because she was suffering from severe stomach pain. The doctors treating the woman suspected gallstones, but when they performed tests they made a gruesome discovery. The woman had been carrying a full-size fetus for four decades, and had no idea.

Doctors say that although it’s very rare, this medical condition does exist, and it even has a name: lithopedion, also known as “stone baby.” It occurs when a fetus moves outside the womb to develop in another part of the body.

Dr. Ramirez of Tunjelito Hospital in Bogota explains, “In this case, the abdominal part of the woman is not a viable (place) and this is what happened, a calcified fetus because the body is generating defence mechanisms and it is calcified until it stays there encapsulated.”

Adding insult to injury, the woman will now have to undergo surgery to have the fetus, comprised mostly of dead tissue, removed. Yikes!

Source: Daily Mail

12.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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