4-Year-Old Minnesota Mayor Declares “I’m the Boss” on National Television (VIDEO)
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4-Year-Old Minnesota Mayor Declares “I’m the Boss” on National Television (VIDEO)

Dorset, Minnesota, doesn’t have a formal government, so instead, the locals come together to vote in their mayor at the yearly Taste of Dorset festival. Last year, 3-year-old Bobby Tufts was voted in, and this year, he won again. Now 4 years old, Bobby wants everyone to know who’s in charge of the little town.

“I’m the boss!” he declared on an early morning interview with MSNBC. Bobby and his campaign manager/mom Emma took an early drive to the studio for the interview, which is apparent after Bobby cracks a monster of a yawn on national television! His mom didn’t look too impressed, and throughout the entire interview, she would reach over and bring her young son’s attention back to the matters at hand.

Only a few questions really piqued Bobby’s interest, but as soon as he heard the word “boss” come out of his mother’s mouth, he just ran with it, declaring himself “the boss.” His mom says she actively works to squash any notion that he doesn’t have to do anything to help around the house.

In this interview, anyway, the squirmy little boy seems like quite the handful, but when he’s asked about his duties as mayor, he knows just how to answer to win the hearts of his adoring public, saying, ”I promote local businesses.” Atta boy! Total politician here, people!

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Source: MSNBC

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08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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