5 Things Ali Could Be Plotting on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Things Ali Could Be Plotting on Pretty Little Liars

In the Season 5 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) was building an army — but for what purpose? Why does the mean girl need so many minions, and what is she plotting? Here are five possible scenarios...

To turn the Liars’ loved ones against them. Don’t think we didn’t notice that all of the Liars ended up in a pretty good place with their “bed buddies” come the end of the summer finale. In fact, it was the only good thing they really had going for them in the wake of Mona’s murder and Spencer’s arrest. Will this be the next thing Alison takes away from them? Will she sabotage each of the Liars’ relationships with their significant others in an act of revenge?

To protect herself. Maybe Alison isn’t plotting an offensive so much as a defensive. In the past month, she has seen her mother die, herself almost die, and Mona murdered. Assuming she wasn’t involved in any of those acts (which is maybe a big assumption to make), Ali would likely be really worried she’s next. Is she building an army to protect herself from “A”?

To become Queen Bee again. Losing all of your best friends in one fell swoop is pretty harsh (even if you kind of deserved it). Perhaps, Alison isn’t gathering her minions for some kind of “A”-related plot, but to rule the school again. If she can’t have quality, then she’s going for quantity. And it seems like Ali is well on her way to reclaiming her throne as Queen Bee. What she will do with that power when she gets there? That’s a scary question.

Nothing — Paige lied about the army. PLL is trying really hard to convince us that Alison is up to something, but what if she’s not? In the summer finale, Paige was the one who informed the Liars that Ali was building an army. Could Paige have been lying for some purpose? Is Alison just trying to survive, by herself?

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