5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Salt
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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Salt

Salt is a staple in every kitchen across the USofA, but it's so much more than a mere garnish for your giant pile of french fries. Salt can be used in a myriad of ways around your home, and we've rounded up 5 unexpected things to do with this tasty seasoning — from skin exfoliation to stain removal. In short, salt is basically a cure-all. A cure-all that just happens to be delicious...

1. Remove Stains

Salt is our go-to household product when it comes to stain removal — it works like magic, especially with red wine. Simply blot the stain, pour a thick layer salt over the affected area, let it sit for a few minutes (the salt will absorb the wine), and rinse with cold water. Repeat a few times and you should be good to go! You can also use salt to remove coffee stains from your cups by simply swishing it around with white vinegar until the stains disappear. Just make sure to wash cups thoroughly before using them to drink out of (unless you want your coffee to taste like salad dressing...).

2. Get Rid of Sore Throats

If you're being plagued by a pesky sore throat thanks to allergy season, salt is your new best friend. Instead of loading up on syrupy "throat coats" and lozenges, mix about a quarter teaspoon of salt into warm water, rinse your mouth out and gargle. Repeat the process several times per day until you feel better — the salt will simultaneously knock out bacteria in your throat and relieve pain! 

3. Preserve Food

Salt is best known for being a flavor-enhancer in the food industry, but it can also be used to preserve fruits, veggies, meat, and fish! Salt dehydrates food by absorbing water, which means bacteria can't survive and the food will last much water. You can preserve (or pickle) veggies by making a brine, dry-cure meat by rubbing it with salt pellets, and even preserve fruits like lemon by immersing them in a solution made from salt and water. The possibilities are endless!

4. Exfoliate Your Skin

Is your skin in major need of a makeover thanks to a little too much fun in the sun? Skip the store-bought products and try something au natural! Gently rubbing a combination of salt and olive oil on your face, arms, and legs will help remove dead layers of skin while simultaneously moisturizing it. Just make sure to wash with warm water and soap once you're finished, and you'll be positively glowing!

5. Keep Pests Away

If you're growing a garden this summer, you're probably at war with an entire army of pests who want nothing more than to eat up your precious fruits and veggies. The good news? Salt can help keep critters away! Pouring a barrier of salt around your plants will keep snails and caterpillars at bay — and the best part is it's completely organic! Of course if you really want to be brutal, you can always douse your pesky plant-munching enemies with a direct sprinkling of salt. Spoiler alert: They won't make it to the flower bed...

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