5 Biggest WTF Moments From Ringer Episode 10
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5 Biggest WTF Moments From Ringer Episode 10

We love Ringer as much as the next purveyor of secret identities, but sometimes we scratch our heads in a state of horror. This week, there were just as many crazy moments as usual. Let the fright fest begin!

1. Bridget and Andrew Make Sweet Love!

Bridget and Andrew consumated their love this week, and it can only be described as not safe for life. It was beautiful, sensual, poetic, and may or not qualify as soft core porn. London Fog needs to spend way more time in front of roaring fire and tinkling candles, because the glow is doing wonders for his skin. Also, note to Andrew’s housekeeper: Triple wash the sheets today.

2. Juliet’s Crop-Top Sweater!

It’s a well-established fact that Juliet loves herself a festive sweater, and this week she mixed things up with a crop top cardigan. Nope, we didn’t know these existed either, but think about it: Belly shirts are far more practical when they keep the rest of your body warm!

3. Siobhan Walks in Slow Motion!

Places where slow-motion is appropriate: During fight scenes, sex scenes and any time in the '90s. Not during Siobhan’s entrance into a bar, which was neither dramatic nor deserving of epic music. Then again, we appreciated the opportunity to see that black ruffled poncho in all its glory.

5 Biggest WTF Moments From Ringer Episode 10
Credit: The CW    

4. Gemma Is Bullet Proof!

So ... can anyone explain how Gemma was shot in the head and survived to chat about it? She claims that Charlie had “bad aim,” but she had a gaping hole in her forehead during their entire conversation. Obviously, her diet of bologna has turned her skin into some sort of plastic shield.

5. Henry’s Turtleneck!

Sigh, we knew this day would come. Ever since Andrew spent an entire episode wandering around town in a mock turtleneck we’ve been waiting for Handsome Henry to slip into one of these neck-trapping monstrosities. Stop the madness!

6. No One Noticed Charlie Shoot Gemma?

Charlie popped a bullet in Gemma’s bologna covered head in the middle of a parking garage under Penn station, which we’re pretty sure other people use. Not only did no one notice that a gun was fired, Charlie seems to have forgotten than most parking lots are decked out with security cameras. Murder fail.

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