5 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge’s Season 2 Finale: “Truth Part 1 and 2″
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5 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge’s Season 2 Finale: “Truth Part 1 and 2″

Obviously, the biggest WTF of Revenge's Season 2 finale was Declan's death. Just...DON'T EVEN TALK TO US ABOUT IT. But there were a few other moments that had us spit-taking our Cristal in horror, and we've rounded them up for you to ponder. Not that you have time to think about anything what with knitting the hemp dress you're wearing to Declan's funeral.

1. Let's Discuss NOLSAT

Nolan's geekiness just went to infinity and beyond. It's like, we thought he had peaked after that Street Fighter session, but nope. Turns out dude owns a satellite that just roams around the globe being all nerdy, and duh –– it's name is NOLSAT. Because as we all know, Nolan is incapable of naming anything without putting "Nol" on the front.

2. Declan Is Worst At Breaking Windows Ever

You'd think Declan (MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE) would be a total pro when it comes to breaking and entering, but apparently this glorious sea urchin's larceny skills doesn't extent to "breaking glass." This poor dear seriously injured his perfectly formed hand when he foolishly used a trash can to slam a plexiglass window, and we would be LOLing if we weren't so busy sobbing. Why'd you have to leave us, Declan? Why? SOMEONE TELL US WHY.

3. Um, What Did The Initiative Do While The Lights Were Off?

The Initiative have been obsessed with Carrion all season, and then they finally get their hands on it annnnnd...nothing. The lights were off in New York City for less than 24 hours, and in that time Conrad and his cohorts basically sat around fondling their stocking garters. Sure, The Initiative blew up Grayson Global, but that happened after Carrion blew out New York City's power. What gives, Revenge writers? We're so mad at you about Declan, and this is just icing on the cake of our DESPAIR.

4. Jack Smashes His Cell Phone, Thinks This Will Make Him Invisible

Jack has no idea how to do anything. This tragic victim of ‘90s hair flop already fails at most tasks (remember when he tried to fix that leak at The Stowaway? Good times), but apparently he has no clue how modern technology works. In fact, in an effort to be unreachable, Jack smashed his cell phone with his foot. It's called an off-button, friend. Bless your heart.

5. No One Notices Nurse Jackie

Look, we don't know what goes on over at "Metro Hospital" (aka "Manhattan's leading hospital" said no one ever), but apparently the higher-ups have no clue who works for them. Which is probably why they KILLED DECLAN. Anyway, no one at good ol' Metro Hospital noticed that a total imposter with a creepy beard was lurking in their ICU, which is worrying for so many reasons. Number one being that Jack looked like someone on a neighborhood watch list.

BONUS: Jack's Killer Costume = Best Thing To Happen In Our Lives

Just so you guys know, this is the outfit that Jack chose to wear on his mission to kill Conrad: a tweed jacket, fake thick-frame glasses, and a newsie cap. Basically he looked like Sherlock Holmes' seaman-addicted twinsie.

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